“We didn’t have much fruit in the house but I have now since I’ve been coming to InspirED program – because they eat it.” says Anthony, single father of three children.  

“I am starting to get rid of plastic toys – using the natural materials. The songs and games they are all very helpful….”Ring a ring a Rosie” – my daughter loves that, the stories, the storytime – they want me to read a lot more to them now … they sit there and listen.  

And the creative play – they have started to play with sticks and rocks and mud, they are comfortable with playing with that now in the yard where before they wanted their ‘He-Man’ and their ‘Barbie’. Now I let them make a mudpit and make a mess of themselves and they are happy.    

If I was to say to other parents I’d just say – take it on board and go there and see what happens …the kids are happy…you put yourself aside, change your ways…you can there… and they have got their thing happening and you are just a passenger – that’s what I have learnt about it, it’s the best thing I love about it.   As soon as I found about the group …. I was on board”. 

― Parent’s experience of InspirED program