Our Inspired Team

Our story

In 2004 we wanted to give back something that had been of value in our life – the journey of our children’s education. We created Inspir=Ed – to inspire and support the health, well being and multiple intelligences of children for humanity to flourish.

We have developed online courses and books that support parents and educators to realize the health, well being and multiple intelligences of children. We want to see children valued with education that encompasses creative and innovative pedagogic models that nurture children’s multiple intelligences – practical, emotional, intellectual, creative, ecological and spiritual and increase awareness of healthy nutrition, environments and communities for children.

Committed to help parents and families raise children to realize their life potential.

D Spice Co-founder Inspir=Ed to help families realize creative education for a flourishing planet.

Derek SpiceI have an extensive business background ranging from cocoa trading, music, motor racing, horticulture and education. Since 2004, with my partner, Jane Hanckel, I have established Inspir=Ed and The Foundation for Creative Intelligence to help children realise their full potential.






Jane Hanckel photo BETT '17

Jane Hanckel

Executive Director

I have a background in film, communication, business and education. I am the author of internationally published books on education.  I have introduced successful innovative programs into disadvantaged communities across Australia.  In 2017 I created the ‘Amazing Child’ online course.