Who we are

In 2004 my partner, Derek Spice and I wanted to give back something that had been of value in our life – the journey of our children’s education. We created InspirED – to inspire and support the health, well being and multiple intelligences of children for humanity to flourish.

We have developed online courses and books that support parents and educators to realize the health, well being and multiple intelligences of children. We want to see children valued with education that encompasses creative and innovative pedagogic models that nurture children’s multiple intelligences – practical, emotional, intellectual, creative, ecological and spiritual and increase awareness of healthy nutrition, environments and communities for children.

Jane Hanckel    Co-founder & Director 


I have an interest in education, consciousness and how to create optimal conditions for children to thrive.

My background in film, communication, business and education has converged into my current role as Director of InspirED. I have worked with leading Australian filmmakers, including co-producing in the 1980’s one of Australia’s most acclaimed documentary films – Stepping Out, directed by Chris Noonan. Since my time in high school, during which I was Youth Mayor, North Sydney Youth Council, I have had an interest in education and how it can effect children’s life potential.

In 2009 I created a series of professional development and service delivery programs for socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

My work taken me across Australia running workshops and programs, into Aboriginal communities and other disadvantaged communities where I witnessed transformation of children’s wellbeing through a consciousness of the creation of safe environments, diet, lifestyle and mindfulness for children. Through Inspir= Ed they have delivered programs and workshops with these innovative pedagogic models with remarkable effect. In the lower social economic environments the behavioural changes they helped facilitate brought about reduced the risk of children being removed from their families.

I have spoken at national and international conferences – China, Costa Rica and Japan – inspiring people about educating children’s whole being.

In 2017 I created an Introductory Online Course and now an online platform to connect parents and educators with research and knowledge to improve children’s wellbeing.

I have been a director and board member of the Northern Rivers Community Foundation, including Chair of the Grants Committee and Marketing Committees.

Derek Spice Co-founder


I have an extensive business background ranging from cocoa trading, music, motor racing, horticulture and education. Since 2004, with my partner, Jane Hanckel, I have established InspirED and The Foundation for Creative Intelligence to help children realise their full potential.

Nadine Jaeger  Graphic Designer


Nadine is passionate about environmental and community activism, sustainable living, design, with a practical understanding of the need to understand the bigger picture.  

Nadine has provided invaluable help including initiating and leading a redesign for our social impact enterprise.

Nadine is a great team member working in a collaborative and supportive manner.  She is forward thinking and resourceful and has come up with many creative solutions. She has a great clarity and sense of purpose and a curious thirst for knowledge.

Eric Wang –  Web & Platform Developer


Eric is originally from mainland China and Hong Kong and joined InspirED to develop the Social Network Platform for building parents’ community and parenting education.

Rodrigo Serrán Vives  – Digital Product Designer

Rodrigo Serrán Vives

Rodrigo is an industrial designer focused on problem solving and user satisfaction. He designs to make the world a better place. Rodrigo has extensive skills in
– Concept design
– Project Management
– User-centered design
– Eco Innovation