Spirit of Childhood Foundation

The Foundation has run innovative programs for professionals, parents and educators to actively engage with the creative process in education and life.


The Spirit of Childhood Foundation was established in 2007 to help alleviate the increasing levels of children experiencing anxiety, stress, obesity, and depression.


A Love of Nature – InspirED

The  InspirED programs have been trialed at seven settings across Australia including Aboriginal Medical Services and Family Support Programs.  The seven key enrichment elements of the InspirED program create positive outcomes for children and their families.  The program provided support for families and children aged 0 – 7 years.

Outcomes of the InspirED programs include

  • Improved parenting capacity

  • Improved child behaviours

  • Improved nutrition

  • Increased independent and self directed play

  • Increased creative and independent play 

  • Increase in positive behaviours of parents and children

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In 2014 the Spirit of Childhood Foundation introduced the Rainforest Kindergarten Project, a Nature Early Childhood Education early childhood education and training program.

The Rainforest Kindergarten Project is a program to promote and support Nature Kindergarten programs in communities. ‘Dreaming the Forest’ is a short video about the program.


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