Inspiring & supporting children to thrive

for humanity to flourish

Children love learning through their natural creativity and curiosity

In an age of robots, are schools teaching our children to be redundant?

Are children being educated out of their creativity?

‘All children are born artists’ Picasso



Does current education acknowledge children’s multiple intelligences – practical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual?


How do we raise children to thrive for a flourishing planet?

We can create an education that is rich and diverse to ignite children’s curiosity.

An education that celebrates and supports children’s creativity, multiple intelligences, connection to nature and healthy nutrition, families and community so that children can thrive.

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Inspir=Ed believes that together we can create the change in education to support our children to thrive in the 21st Century.  

We have created inspiring tools and resources to support parents and educators to support children for a flourishing planet.  



The children of today are the future of our world…

The vision of Inspir=Ed is to bring transformative, empowering education into the hands of parents, students and educators. Our education acknowledges the spirit of the human being and the role of the spirit in the process of becoming citizens of the Twenty-first century. The children of tomorrow are independent, creative, self assured, confident individuals who are able to embrace the challenges of the twenty-first century.  We provide the tools and resources to enable those children to take control of their future.

Jane’s story

In the age of robots, are schools teaching our children to be redundant? In 2004 I wanted to give back something that had been of value to myself and my partner. This led to the establishment of the Foundation for Creative Intelligence, to inspire and support the health, well being and multiple intelligences of children for humanity to flourish. The current education systems are not in alignment with the coming world of AI and robots. The only difference between ourselves and robots is imagination, creativity, and intuition. The Foundation for Creative Intelligence offers innovating inspired education through online education, books, programs and resources for educators and parents to future proof their children.



The Eco Parenting series of books are important guides to raising healthy, happy children. ‘Parenting as an Art – raising happy, healthy, creative children 0-7 years’  by Thanh Cherry with Jane Hanckel is a practical, richly illustrated comprehensive guide for parents. ‘Growing Greener Children’ by Jane Hanckel provides the rationale and method to create healthy environments for children.

Transform – dream

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Through Inspir=Ed’s Spirit of Childhood Foundation we partner with community organisations to deliver Inspir=Ed educational programs for early childhood professionals, communities and programs for parents with their children. The programs demonstrate how using simple principles can be hugely transformative for children and families.