There is a way to help your child realize success.  One in which the child is allowed to develop at their own pace, in an environment filled with creativity and love.  In this environment your child can learn and develop their unique skills and talents, allowing the blossoming of your child to realize their full potential.

About Us

We have created inspiring tools and resources to support you as a parent in the first seven years of your child’s life. Inspiring videos, books, tips and ideas to raise your child.

We have been researching and developing these tools over thirty years.  The elements are drawn from universal principles of child rearing practised across the world.

Universal Principles

Our work draws from universal principles of the importance of :-

  • connection to nature
  • creativity
  • healthy nutrition
  • arts and crafts
  • songs, games and stories
  • rhythm

For more details see our published paper link – “The Inspir=Ed Project: A Holistic Early Childhood Program for Enhancing Parent-Child Well-being”.

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